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Sales & Marketing coordinator ( NEW YORK ) - ref. 1302

Sales and marketing coordinators oversee the development of specific sales and marketing techniques. He/She must work with both the sales department and the marketing department to ensure that they are promoting the business and communicating with clients in the most efficient, effective way.

Duties and Responsabilities

Analyze the Market

Identifying potential customers helps with marketing decisions. Gaining the attention of teenagers, for instance, likely involves using social media. Sales and marketing coordinators examine the needs, wants, and purchasing patterns of their target audience. They also keep an eye on how competitors present themselves.

Oversee Activities

From the design of a new logo to outlets where company literature will be placed, sales and marketing coordinators have their hands on just about anything that relates to image. They also play a role in deciding things such as which conventions sales staff should attend, where product samples should be distributed, or which incentive programs might best attract customers.

Liaise Between Departments

Multiple departments depend on sales and marketing coordinators. They act as a point of contact, a source of information, and a go-between to convey information quickly and accurately. By keeping everyone in the loop, the coordinator ensures consistency. A change in text, for instance, needs to be conveyed to the art department so that images can be repositioned accordingly.

Provide Reports

Management wants to see the results of various initiatives. Sales and marketing coordinators gather pertinent information and organize it into visual or written presentations.

Attract New Clients

Successful sales and marketing coordinators are always on the lookout for ways to build the company’s customer base. They may, for example, supply the sales team with possible leads or make a presentation to a group that could be a good match for the employer’s products.


  • Creativity – thinking outside the box leads to exciting campaigns that grab attention and generate sales

  • Data analysis – sales and marketing coordinators should be comfortable inputting and interpreting data in order to draw sensible conclusions

  • Salesmanship – understanding the target audience and presenting information to them in ways that will lead to a positive impression of the company boosts profits

  • Organization skills – managing the efforts of multiple people and departments to achieve desired results requires staying on top of things and collaborating extensively

  • Problem-solving skills – critical examination helps sales and marketing coordinators pinpoint reasons behind situations, such as why sales totals were less than predicted or why an internet campaign isn’t drawing sufficient traffic

Education and Training

People in this position generally hold a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, public relations, or a similar field. With the increasing emphasis on digital campaigns, candidates showing expertise in social media or website effectiveness may attract the attention of hiring managers.

All new hires should expect a period of on-the-job training to get familiar with the company’s services, products, and brand. Because this competency is so important for attracting and maintaining customers, employers sometimes hire from within, such as promoting a successful salesperson to the coordinator role.

Salary and BENEFITS

The median annual salary for a sales and marketing coordinator, according to PayScale, is about $42,500 (about $16.50 per hour). People on the lowest end of the pay range earn about $31,000 per year, while the highest-paid make more than $60,000. Sales and marketing coordinators working for employers with a commission system have the opportunity to increase their compensation through peak performance.

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