Today, the Kelly bag from Hermes, designed in a gorgeous trapezoid shape and made with the most luxurious leathers and skins, is worn on the arms of celebrities and millionaires as a symbol of wealth. These bags are highly prestigious and exclusive, and very hard to come by.

They are made with the utmost care and precision, by only one craftsman that takes about 18 to 24 hours of work to put it together flawlessly. It is a notable and elite piece of merchandise from one of the most well-known brands in the fashion world. As all timeless pieces of art, there is a story behind its name: Grace Kelly.
During her upbringing, she had a taste for fashion and developed her own glamorous style, with a focus on merchandise from Hermes; one of her most loved brands.
She had a notable love for what was formerly known as the Sac à dépêches bag; an invention that came out of the 1930s. This was the original Kelly bag and was then renamed due to an iconic picture of the Princess, who used the bag to cover her pregnant belly from the paparazzi.

The public renamed it the "Kelly bag" and it began to grow in popularity throughout the world, giving the company much more exposure which then inspired them to produce even more of the iconic bags for wealthy celebrities. The Princess helped the bag become a status symbol and it became even more sought after by fashionable women throughout the United States and parts of Europe.
The bag is crafted with the most expensive skins and leathers available.