The best movies to Watch for Halloween

One of the best things about Halloween month (a.k.a. how all the mature adults refer to October) is the fact that it coincides with the official start of Cozy Season. When the leaves start to fall and Rite Aid starts rolling out the ghost and skeleton costumes, there's nothing better than curling up in a blanket or twelve, sipping a seasonal beverage—Pumking ale, anyone?—and freaking the living hell out of yourself with a horror movie.

To celebrate all things Halloween-adjacent, we've put together a master list of the very best scary (or scary-ish) movies to watch this month.

It Follows

There's a distinctly feminist strain to this 2014 horror flick that chronicles a fatal curse passed through a group of teenagers via sexual intercourse. (Stream it on Amazon.)

Ms .45

This 1981 Abel Ferrara cult classic follows a mute seamstress who goes on a revenge rampage after being attacked twice in one day on the streets of New York. (Stream it on Amazon.)


A bizarre Swedish death cult attempts to reel in a group of horrified American students in this psychological thriller. (Stream it on Amazon.)


If you're still craving the work of Ari Aster after Midsommar, check out this 2018 horror tragedy film in which Toni Collette truly shines. (Stream it on Amazon.)


Nobody does horror like Jordan Peele, and Us—which features a family terrorized by a set of doppelgängers—is no exception. (Stream it on Amazon.)


The 2018 Guadagnino remake got all the attention, but 1977 original about a haunted dance academy is well worth your time. (Stream it on Tubi.)


This 2013 psychological thriller—which follows a young woman who becomes convinced that an antique mirror is haunting her family—cranks the fear-o-meter up a few notches. (Stream it on Amazon.)

Jennifer's Body

Is it campy? Sure, but this Megan Fox/Amanda Seyfried black comedy is a cult classic for very good reason. (Stream it on Amazon.)

So grab the popcorn and a pumpkin spice latte, and snuggle up with one of your favourite movies that just scream Halloween.

Have a Glamourous Halloween

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